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WordPress In The Nutshell.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web and over 90% of websites built with a CMS use WordPress as their platform. Over time, developers have created millions of WordPress templates (commonly referred as themes) that allow companies to create attractive, user-friendly websites quickly. However, it’s important to note that templates are somewhat strict in their customization capabilities.

With a template, you can easily edit your logo, colors, and the general look, but in order to keep your budget small, you would be confined to the overall structure that a template provides.

Some other web agencies will say that they can implement a WordPress template for as little as $500 – $1,000, but we often find that those companies do a quick and dirty job. Moreover, they don’t consider the time to communicate with you, their client, to see what your needs might be. Our pricing reflects time for planning, communicating with our clients, the actual work, and launch/post-launch support.

We establish our pricing for WordPress templates based on the number of hours it will take. This is not a guesstimate; these are hours that we’ve recorded while working on WordPress template websites in the past with actual clients. One of our most common experiences is that a client is willing to use a WordPress template simply because it costs less than a custom website, but often, clients want to make changes to the template that defeat the purpose of using it. By making additional changes, the end cost (after change-orders) becomes close to the amount it would have taken to build a fully custom website.

This is not to say that we don’t recommend WordPress templates. Sometimes, they are the best fit for a client’s budget, preferences, and goals. If you have a great relationship with a web company that understands the limitations of using a WordPress template and makes you aware of those limitations while working through them with you, developing your website in a WordPress template might just be the best of both worlds.

Customizing Your Website Further.

Previously we have explained what a template website is as well as pros and cons of template website versus unique custom developed website. Here we will pick up on that conversation and introduce the concept of plugins and how plugins can further enhance your template website.

Just like templates (themes), WordPress developer community has created millions of plugins that further enhance your website with features  and options that you may desire to have. While some of plugins may not produce visible results (plugins that serve hidden functionality of your website such as Firewall and security, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, enhanced editing capabilities etc, visitor tracking etc.),  other plugins allow you to visibly enhance and further customize your website appearance. You may have noticed few enhancements on our website such as social media sharing buttons at the bottom of every page and article, etc. Those are examples of plugins that enhance user experience and facilitate the user interaction on a website. Paired with the template or theme chosen for the website, plugins can achieve a lot and take your website further without requiring or forcing you to go the custom developed website route.

A single website can have few or many plugins. But not all plugins are developed using the same quality and standards and can therefore can harm your website or expose it to security flaws that are opened when not so well developed plugin is incorporated into your website.

Boost5 Marketing understands the WordPress plugin landscape quite well. We have worked and integrated many plugins and we know what works well and what does not. Based on our extensive experience we can implement the combination of plugins that can do almost anything you wish and therefore can further enhance the overall user experience and your website functionality.

The cost of installing and configuring plugins varies from the combination and number of plugins required to be installed, each plugin complexity as well as time required to test interactions of plugins with other plugins and themes incorporated into your website. Several of core plugins such as security, SEO, editing enhancements, etc. are included with all of our website packages. We do not artificially lower our package prices with the aim of charging you extra for what should be free and included with every package (core functionality and security of your website). Additional plugin installation and configuration fees typically range from as little as $50 for basic and simple plugins to $1,000 and up for complex plugins that require significant time to test and configure properly.